Garage Door Repair Redington Shores
Garage Door Repair Redington Shores
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Test the safety reversal mechanism regularly

The professionals of our garage door repair company in Redington Shores recommend that you use a small light object for the purpose such as a kitchen paper roll or an empty cardboard box. You have to open the door fully and place the object underneath it while it is closing. When the door touches the object, it has to reverse immediately.

Properly cleaning garage door tracks

The tracks of garage doors are not meant to be lubricated. They should only be cleaned thoroughly. They are not designed to make the door slide through them with the aid of a lubricant. A dry cleaning method usually suffices. Lubricants may be used to help eliminate sticky materials on the tracks but not to intently reduce friction.

Choosing your noise

The garage door opener and the door it opens make a distinct sound whenever the door is opened or closed. It's a very recognizable hum and clanking that can be attributed to the combination of the sounds of the motor running, the chain, belt or screw moving and pulling and the door and hinges being moved and set in their place. If you prefer the quietest version of this noise, then you should look into purchasing a belt drive opener.


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