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Why You Should Not Replace the Springs on Your Own

An overview of some of the dangers of DIY spring replacement, and why professional assistance is the best route.

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Ways to Keep Garage Doors Silent

In some cases, one leads to the other and it's always best to take action to avoid noises than to deal with problems. So, let's see how we can keep our overhead door system quiet.

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How Do I Troubleshoot My Garage Door Remote and Opener?

In fact our lives have become so much easier with these automatic garage door openers. Most of the current models are powered by a system that uses codes.

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Garage Door Force Adjustment

There are a lot of factors which determine the performance and safety of an overhead or roll up garage door. One of them is the force with which it is lowered and raised. If this force is not properly adjusted, the door can slam or hang above the ground. In either case, there is a safety risk and a risk of damage as well.

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Childproof the Garage Area

At older times, no child would have an interest to enter the garage area unless he dreamt of becoming an auto mechanic. These days, garages are filled with many things, which may attract their attention and they have become parts of the main house, where people engage in different activities.

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